About Us

The Research Institute for Sociotechnical Cyber Security is the UK’s first academic Research Institute to focus on understanding the overall security of organisations, including their constituent technology, people and processes.

We understand now that technology is neither the source nor the solution for many of the challenges we face in terms of cyber security. Consequently, RISCS takes an evidence based and inter-disciplinary approach to addressing these challenges by developing collaborations between computer scientists, engineers, economists, psychologists, public policy, international relations, law, criminology and more.

By providing a platform for the exchange of ideas, problems and research solutions between academia, industry, and both the UK and international policy community, RISCS promotes and supports the development of scientifically rigorous sociotechnical approaches to cyber security. Central to the RISCS agenda is the application of bodies of knowledge to stimulate a transition from ‘common practice’ to ‘evidence-based best practice’ in cyber security.

RISCS is jointly funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). We work closely with the policy community and industry partners to ensure that our world class academic research reaches those stakeholders who most need it.

The RISCS founding director was Professor Angela Sasse and, since 2018, it has been Professor Madeline Carr. RISCS is run from the Department of Computer Science at UCL (University College London).