RISCS Research Themes

Posted by Madeline Carr on  28/01/2020

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In 2019, we introduced four research ‘themes’ into RISCS. These provide structure and strategy to our work and have been drawn from those issues that we feel are most relevant to supporting the UK’s efforts in improving sociotechnical cyber security. The research themes allow us to build sub-teams of interested
Victims of defective products are not required to demonstrate the “fault” of a product manufacturer. It’s enough to demonstrate the existence of a defect in the product that causes harm. Under European laws, “a product is defective when it does not provide the safety which a person is entitled to
The Cyber Readiness for Boards project, which is jointly funded by the National Cyber Security Centre and the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, has launched to explore the factors shaping UK board decisions around cyber risk and develop interventions to provide guidance and support. https://www.ucl.ac.uk/news/2019/mar/experts-support-global-companies-against-cyber-threats
In October 2016, UCL’s Information Services Division (ISD) implemented a new password policy to encourage users to choose stronger passwords. The policy links password lifetime (the time before the password expires) to password strength: The stronger the password, the longer the lifetime. We (Ingolf Becker, Simon Parkin and M. Angela
On July 11, Dr Alex Chung delivered an invited talk at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, titled: ‘Legal and regulatory challenges of the sharing economy.’  Joined on the panel by his colleague Dr Janet Hui Xue from the University of Sydney, they presented comparative case studies of Uber