We are currently welcoming applications for the position of a RISCS Fellow in Leadership and Culture in an Organisation

How can an organisation position itself and what can it put in place to optimise cyber security behaviours and cyber risk decision making? What does an economics and incentives lens tell us about how organisations might be encouraged to raise their cyber security bar, and how they might go about this?  


The RISCS Fellowship roles are leadership roles. Supported by RISCS and the NCSC, you will provide thought leadership in your theme across the RISCS Community and beyond. Specifically, you will:    

  • Explore the problem space to determine the research questions that need to be addressed and the benefits and means of growing (both nationally and internationally) the research theme beyond the initial period of a year. 
  • Engage with existing, established communities/ hubs OR establish a new community around the theme (appreciating that each theme is at a different level of maturity) 
  • Identify and engage with relevant sociotechnical research projects that fall under your scope and identify new opportunities to develop and grow your theme 
  • Consider the pipeline for and sustainability of your theme – you may wish to propose work that catalyses ECRs, provides development opportunities, establishes pathways to develop a new research angle, or connect relevant communities that are currently disparate. 


The period of the Fellowship (Monday 05 July 2021 – 31 March 2022) is intended to be exploratory and stimulate your own innovation and creativity. Therefore, the exact nature and format of the deliverables to satisfy the responsibilities outlined above will naturally vary. It will also depend in part on the maturity of the theme you are working in. The specifics of what you will do to achieve the following can be discussed with your NCSC leads and the RISCS Director. While it is desirable to plan a programme of work, we also want you to feel able to take opportunities as they come up. Through whatever means you feel most appropriate, we ask that at the end of the year, you: 

  • Demonstrate how you have built the community.
  • Present outcomes of your problem definition activities.
  • Articulate the research questions that we need to bep asking (and why), and where the gaps currently are. 
  • Articulate the strategy for the theme going forward. 

How to apply

Please send us your CV with a one-page statement detailing how you would plan to meet the responsibilities and deliverables (as above) to riscs.administrator@ucl.ac.uk  

Application deadline: 28th June 2021