Call for Presentations: EU Conference on Social Networks (EUSN 2022)

The 6th European Conference on Social Networks (EUSN 2022)

Organised Session 16: Social Cybersecurity: Convergence of Social Network Analysis in Cyber

Srinidhi Vasudevan, University of Greenwich
Anna Piazza, University College London
Madeline Carr, University College London

Building on cyber security that specifically focuses on machines and technology, social cyber security is an emerging and interdisciplinary field with perspectives from sociology, communication science, forensics, economics, linguistics, social psychology, and political science to name a few. Social cyber security looks at people, processes and technologies and the interactions between them to identify the influences impacting security behaviours of actors. Social Network Analysis provides a relational approach to provide a context for the creation and maintenance of social relations. Networks are embedded in cyber norms, cultures, values, and behaviours which for instance can vary according to contexts. For instance, cyber information sharing networks can differ across industries and countries, cyber behaviour can be influenced not only by organisational culture and norms but also by the patterns of social interactions among individuals within the organisations, criminal gangs on the Dark Web manipulated by ringleaders and the network topologies, cyber investments determined by interactions between the organisation’s risk appetite and its environment etc. This organized session brings together research that addresses these and related questions through a broad, cyber-network perspective.

 Call for presentations!

To develop ‘social cybersecurity’ as a framework, we solicit methodological, conceptual, and empirical contributions that model, predict, and/or explain how social ties that are created and maintained by actors in a digital environment.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following lines of enquiry:

  • Organised crimes, forensics, criminal behaviour;
  • Cyber user behaviour and networks;
  • Diffusion, misinformation, and disinformation;
  • Mental health of cyber practitioners;
  • Information sharing networks in cyber;
  • Governance structure and cyber policy;
  • Data science, machine learning, natural language processing and agent-based simulation in cyber space;
  • Contexts of tie creation, maintenance, and dissolution in cyber space;
  • Organisation and industry pertaining to cyber investment and policy.

The deadline for presentation submissions is 8th May 2022, Midnight.

To find out more about EUSN 2022 and for info on submitting your presentation head to: