Ethical and social challenges with developing autonomous agents to detect and warn potential victims of Mass-marketing fraud (MMF)

Monica Whitty, Matthew Edwards, Michael Levi, Claudia Peersman, Awais Rashid, Angela Sasse, Tom Sorell, Gianluca Stringhini ABSTRACT Mass-marketing frauds (MMFs) are on the increase. Given the amount of monies lost and the psychological impact of MMFs there is an urgent need to develop new and effective methods to prevent more Read more…

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Why Johnny doesn’t write secure software

The aim of the three-year EPSRC-funded Why Johnny Doesn’t Write Secure Software project, which began in April 2017, Awais Rashid (Lancaster University) explained to the June 2017 RISCS meeting, is to develop an empirically grounded theory of secure software development by the masses. The project’s collaborators include others at Lancaster Read more…