About this theme

Understanding how people behave, both individually and in groups, is a central research theme for the Socio-Technical Research Group, RISCS’ partner in the NCSC. But this is mostly focused on those people whose intentions are non-malicious and who simply want to do a good job. To understand the full spectrum of people in cyber security, we need to understand the intentions, drivers and behaviours of those who have more malicious aspirations as well as those who inadvertently find themselves as “accidental insiders”.

This research theme pulls together the cybercrime research projects funded by Home Office and will further expand to include work that can provide insights into topics such as insider threat, online harms and supporting victims of cybercrime.

The theme is currently in its second year of running.

RISCS Showcase Presentations

RISCS Showcase 2022: Cybercrime

Dr Maria Bada updates us on her work on the Cybercrime theme between March 2021 and March 2022.

RISCS Showcase 2021: Cybercrime

Dr Maria Bada introduced the Cybercrime Theme at RISCS Showcase 2021.

Research Fellow

Maria Bada


RISCS Cybercrime Policy Workshop Report

 RISCS held an online policy workshop on 2nd December 2021 with 33 participants from Government, academia, and the wider community as part of the RISCS Cybercrime theme led by Dr Maria Bada. This report summarises the discussions from the workshop and highlights possible research questions to explore that were identified during this session. 

RISCS Briefing: Online Victimisation

 In this publication, Dr Bada not only explores the impact of online crime in the UK from the victims’ perspective, but also explains what the role of the authorities is in dealing with such crimes – and in providing support for the victims. The Briefing is a culmination of the research work – literature review, interviews with stakeholders from the field, and analysis of victim impact statements – undertaken throughout her inaugural Fellowship between March 2020 and March 2021.


Dr Maria Bada presented on the topic of Online Victimisation at the European Society of Criminology EUROCRIM e-conference 2021.


You can access the slides here.