RISCS research has an incredible record of impact.

RISCS pull-through to policy making for real world impacts


Since its inception, the interdisciplinary and cross-sector nature of sociotechnical cybersecurity has naturally made RISCS an important research centre for UK and international Cybersecurity policy. A number of academic activities supported by RISCS have contributed to policies and guidelines.

We are pro-active in our policy engagement as well as responding to immediate policy need Our recently published ‘project catalogue’ provides a summary of completed and ongoing projects tailored to a policy audience. Initial discussions with stakeholders confirmed the many practical advantages of having such a publication.

We currently have embedded mechanisms for RISCS research to inform policy, including clear and regular communications channels between UK Government departments, NCSC and RISCS (via our policy officer and RISCS Fellows who have their own networks), and the initiatives planned for this year to bring stakeholders from across sectors together around the Fellowship themes will only serve to strengthen those at a crucial time for cybersecurity policy.


Over 40 funded research projects across a wide range of topics and problem areas.

Over 220 discrete publications – a significant contribution to the global research base on sociotechnical cyber security.