Leadership and Culture

About this theme

Cyber security is central to the health and resilience of any organisation and this places it firmly within the responsibility of the Board. But it also means that enabling and facilitating good cyber security practices spans the whole of an organisation and is not simply the remit of the IT or technical teams.

Supporting those people in leadership positions of an organisation to make the best possible decisions about cyber security practices is desperately needed. This includes:

  • Support to navigate cyber risk management,
  • Providing accurate and relevant data/information presented in the most effective way,
  • Understanding the economics and incentives of cyber markets,
  • Facilitating a shared narrative and language between leaders, staff and cyber security experts

This theme will draw through the research from Phase One as well as the Cyber Readiness for Boards research project currently in progress. It will harvest the outputs of the recent work into economics, regulation and incentives by RISCS, NCSC and DCMS to provide input into future cyber security policy and legislation.

RISCS Showcase

RISCS Showcase 2021: Leadership and Culture

Berta Pappenheim introduced the Leadership and Culture Theme at the RISCS Showcase 2021.

Research Fellow

Ruth Massie


In the first year of running, the Leadership and Culture Theme focused on looking into the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on security of organisations. As a result of this work, two outputs have been published:

The authors: Berta Pappenheim, Amy Ertan, and Georgia Crossland (from left to right).