The Research Institute in Science of Cyber Security (RISCS) takes an evidence based and inter-disciplinary approach to addressing cyber security challenges. By providing a platform for the exchange of ideas, problems and research solutions between academia, industry, and both the UK and international policy community, RISCS promotes and supports the development of scientific approaches to cyber security. Central to the RISCS agenda is the application of bodies of knowledge to stimulate a transition from ‘common practice’ to ‘evidence-based best practice’ in cyber security.

Recognizing that cyber security is a contested concept, RISCS operates within a national and international cyber security framework to establish a coherent set of research principles. These principles focus on the deployment of scientific methods and the gathering of evidence to produce sound interventions and responses to cyber security challenges.

We actively seek to maximise collaboration amongst our diverse community through a culture of open publication, sharing and expanding our network. Through this collaboration, RISCS develops techniques that enable communities to anticipate emergent cyber security issues from public policy, social practice and technological perspectives. Our end goal is to deliver a world-class portfolio of activity and research findings that maximises the value of social, political and economic research into cyber security and which results in a set of scientifically based options that individuals, institutions and nation states can use to respond to imminent and long term cyber security challenges.