Mission Statement

RISCS seeks to bring together academic researchers and security practitioners to work on real-world security problems and in so doing produces scientific understanding of the intersection between threats to information and threats to people and organisations. The institute supports developers, implementers, and policy makers to design and deploy security responses that directly reduce the risks to people from cyber breaches. The institute promotes an active and collaborative engagement approach to security research and practice and produces research papers, practical guidance, methods, and tools as part of its support for the security practitioner communities.
RISCS researchers come from a range of disciplines including psychology, sociology, philosophy, crime science, economics, philosophy, computer science and mathematics. We conduct studies in real-world contexts, and use state-of-the-art knowledge from those disciplines  to understand the problems people face in practice.  We develop and test our solutions in collaboration with practitioners to provide valid and accessible guidance for their community, as well as developing the knowledge base of the different research disciplines of our researchers.