Tom Fairfax, Christopher Laing and Paul Vickers


This chapter treats computer networks as a cyber warfighting domain in which the maintenance of situational awareness is impaired by increasing traffic volumes and the lack of immediate sensory perception. Sonification (the use of non-speech audio for communicating information) is proposed as a viable means of monitoring a network in real time and a research agenda employing the sonification of a network’s self organized criticality within a context-aware affective computing scenario is given. The chapter views a computer network as a cyber battlespace with a particular operations spectrum and dynamics. Increasing network traffic volumes are interfering with the ability to present real-time intelligence about a network and so suggestions are made for how the context of a network might be used to help construct intelligent information infrastructures. Such a system would use affective computing principles to sonify emergent properties (such as self-organized criticality) of network traffic and behaviour to provide effective real-time situational awareness. Date: July 2014 Published: In Handbook of Research on Digital Crime, Cyberspace Security, and Information Assurance. Advances in Digital Crime, Forensics, and Cyber Terrorism (ADCFCT) . IGI Global, pp. 334-349. Publisher: IGI Global ISBN: 9781466663244 Publisher URL: DOI: