The impact on victims and implications for cybercrime prevention and response

As part of her RISCS Fellowship in Cybercrime, Dr Maria Bada has taken particular interest in the impact of online crime on victims, and how such impact differs from that felt by victims of more traditional types of crime. It is evident that there exist significant psychological, emotional and physical harms that can be experienced by victims of cybercrime, and it is imperative that the social recognition of this be increased.

Dr Bada said in the Briefing:

A key aspect of understanding the public response to malicious cyber-attacks centres upon the fact that members of the public do not appear to perceive such attacks as a threat to themselves and, if they do, they believe that there is very little that they can do to prevent such an attack.

In this publication, Dr Bada not only explores the impact of online crime in the UK from the victims’ perspective, but also explains what the role of the authorities is in dealing with such crimes – and in providing support for the victims. The Briefing is a culmination of the research work – literature review, interviews with stakeholders from the field, and analysis of victim impact statements – undertaken throughout her inaugural Fellowship between March 2020 and March 2021.

Dr Maria Bada continues to work with RISCS as the Fellow in Cybercrime, now for the second time until March 2022. She welcomes input into her work from the RISCS Community as she continues to explore the wide and complex theme of Cybercrime. She can be contacted at

You can download the briefing here: