The Research Institute for Sociotechnical Cyber Security (RISCS) held an online policy workshop on 22nd July 2021 with 28 participants from Government, academia, law enforcement and the cyber sector as part of the Quantification and Cyber Risk Fellowship theme led by Fellow Dr Anna Cartwright. 

The participants worked together to identify policy relevant questions which could be answered using accessible government datasets, and to understand the barriers researchers face when looking to use such datasets. The workshop also played a key part in scoping and specifying the aims and objectives of the new Quantification and Cyber Risk RISCS Fellowship.

We are now pleased to release a report on this workshop as Workshop Note: Optimising the use of UK Government survey data on cyber security. The workshop and report were produced in partnership with UCL Engineering’s Policy Impact Unit (PIU) – we would like to sincerely thank the RISCS Policy Adviser, Flo Greatrix, for her work on this.

As part of the Quantification and Cyber Risk Fellowship, and in connection to the workshop we recently ran, we are also holding a competition for PhD students and early career researchers to encourage cyber security research and analysis that makes use of UK government survey data. You can find more details here.

You can download the Workshop Note below in PDF and accessible versions: