This paper puts forward a qualitative storytelling study that explores user experiences within a community centre in the United Kingdom. The community centre provides resources and support for those who are unemployed and seeking employment and those who need to claim welfare payments through the UK government’s on-line welfare system. Two user experience storytelling sessions were carried out one with participants who identified themselves as community centre program workers and one with community centre users. A tactile visual method was used to support current experience comic strips (CECS), an instrument that prompts user experience storytelling, which in turn supports user-centred design as well as heightening viewer empathy.

Date: Apr 26 – May 1 2014
Presented: Extended Abstract for Tactile User Experience Evaluation Methods Workshop at CHI’14 Human Factors in Computing Systems.
Full Text: http://www.academia.edu/9283678/Picture_This_Tools_To_Help_Community_Storytelling