RISCS Project Catalogue

How to use this catalogue

This catalogue intended to be a succinct summary of completed and ongoing projects tailored for a policy audience.

Discussions with policy stakeholders in early 2020 identified a need for a summary of particular evidence of interest from RISCS projects, as well as more awareness of how projects are progressing and any upcoming outputs.

The catalogue is intended to inform key stakeholders and ensure that Advisory Board members/other key Government stakeholders are informed about outputs from RISCS. There may be opportunities for future collaboration with policy stakeholders arising from your projects’ inclusion in the catalogue. We hope this could help RISCS research feed in to policy decisions and analysis where there are synergies.

If more detail is required, policy stakeholders can request more information (for example via a meeting with researchers or through development of a policy briefing) on certain projects of interest.

The catalogue can be browsed by theme:

  • Secure Development Practices
  • Digital Responsibility
  • Leadership and Culture
  • Cybercrime

The fifth theme, Anticipation and Prospection, is an emerging area of work being developed through the RISCS Fellowship. Future iterations of the catalogue will feature research within this theme.