AMoC: Advanced Modelling of Cyber Criminal Careers – New technology and intelligence from online evidence bases

Principal Investigator: Prof Awais Rashid, University of Bristol

Cyber crime is not a solitary and anti-social activity, but one where social interaction plays a critical role in the recruitment, training and professional advancement of criminals. AMoC’s multidisciplinary approach will form a detailed understanding of the characteristics of cyber offenders, their behavioural patterns and their career progression and lifecycle in cyber crime by combining expertise in intelligent technologies and security informatics with methodological social science approaches in psychology, (socio)linguistic theory and law enforcement.

The overall aim of this project is to tackle cyber crime by understanding the social and economic development of cyber criminal careers, and will be achieved by: analysing different evidential sources to engender a better understanding of the characteristics of cyber offenders and how communities thereof react to interventions and; developing new techniques and software tools that support law enforcement agencies to detect and investigate cyber offenders, cyber threats and online networks.


Posted on

August 10, 2020