Connecting delayed pre-commitment with cyber awareness in order to address the perception gap and present bias

Principal Investigator: Dr Anna Cartwright, Coventry University

This project is looking at how to improve cyber-security in small businesses (less than 50 employees) and charities. The focus is on the human-aspects of the cyber-security and the barriers that small organizations face in adopting cyber best practice.
As part of the project small organizations are being asked to complete a cyber-security health check with KITC Solutions (the University of Kent student led IT consultancy). The health check is built around the NCSC Small Business Guide. At the end of the health-check intervention will be trialed that is designed to help overcome procrastination. Before and 3 months after the health check the participants will be surveyed about cyber behavior in their organization. This allows exploration of the effect of the health-check and intervention. As part of the project a typology of small business behavior is being developed, which also considers how amenable businesses might be to cyber advice and the adoption of behavioural tools to overcome procrastination.

The project involves co-ordination with the regional cyber protect officers in Kent and the Midlands, as well as regional business and charity support organisations such as Voluntary Action Leicestershire, Coventry Council, Coventry and Warwickshire Chambers of Commerce. More information about the project is available at


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August 10, 2020