Keeping the Internet of Things Secure: Investigating Incentives for Internet Service Providers and Individuals in the UK and Japan


Dates: April 2020 – March 2021
Lead researchers: Dr Ingolf Becker and Dr Tristian Caulfield, UCL


Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have an ambiguous role in protecting users from cyber security vulnerabilities and in helping them recover from them. By working with a twin team in Japan, this project aimed to determine which incentives and approaches might encourage (ISPs) and their customers to remediate compromised or vulnerable IoT devices, which
present a growing risk to the security of the online ecosystem. The project also aimed to investigate the design and measurement of interventions and work with UK ISPs and customers to explore the suitability of different approaches in the UK.

Policy implications

This programme is relevant to the UK Government’s secure by design agenda for Consumer IoT security, including the current proposals for regulating such ‘smart’ products.


Workshops, user studies

Funders: RISCS
External collaborators: Cybersecurity Laboratory at the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology in Japan


Posted on

December 9, 2021