Understanding, Preventing and Responding to Cybercrime: Investigative interviewing of cybercrime victims to gain best evidence

Principal Investigator: Eerke Boiten, De Montfort University

This project aims to study and improve techniques for police interviewing of cybercrime victims. There is a range of evidence available regarding best practice in terms of how police can best interview traditional crime victims. However, the experience of being a victim of cyber crime is likely to differ in a number of ways to traditional crime, for example, in terms of eliciting technical information regarding the crime and the potential impacts on victim cognitive function and memory retrieval from use of digital devices. Alongside difficulties with the apparent anonymity of offenders and the need to build rapport with victims, these types of issues may potentially present law enforcement different types of challenges when it comes to interviewing cyber crime victims, as compared to victims of traditional crime. This research will therefore focus on better understanding the types of interviews with victims being conducted by law enforcement, how they are conducted, the challenges interviewers face and how they could be improved (for example whether more cognitive interview techniques should be employed).


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August 10, 2020