Victims of Computer Misuse Crime

Principal Investigator: Mark Button, University of Portsmouth

The aim of this project is to investigate the experiences of victims of computer misuse offences. The changes in questions to the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) had exposed almost half of all crime was now accounted for by fraud and computer misuse offences. Both areas have been lightly researched compared to other volume crimes, but for the latter the gaps in knowledge are even more stark with very few studies.

This project embarked with the broad aims to:

  • To examine the nature and impact of computer misuse related crime on victims.
  • To assess the support provided to such victims and identify better means to prevent such crime.
  • To examine the experiences and perceptions of those victims who have experienced a law enforcement response.

The project approach involves an online survey of 252 individual victims of computer misuse and 52 depth interviews with 38 individual and 14 SME/O victims; along with stakeholder interviews, a review of the literature and analysis of websites where victims report.


Posted on

August 10, 2020