RISCS Project Catalogue

The RISCS Project Catalogue is a key publication intended to be a succinct summary of all completed and ongoing projects. It is developed and maintained by the RISCS Policy Adviser, and as such it is tailored for a policy audience. Nonetheless, the content will be of relevance to industry, academic, and general-interest readers.

You can download the most recent version of the Catalogue here.

UK Cyber Security Policy Making Interactive Map

This interactive map attempts to represent how cyber security is organised within the UK Government. It consists approximately 2400 nodes representing data points, along with 2000 active links out to websites.

You can find out more and access the map here.

RISCS Annual Report

The Annual Report covers RISCS activity over the last year, highlighting some of the exciting developments across our themes in sociotechnical cybersecurity research. This work has been driven by our seven Fellows, who have worked hard to set out research agendas and expand the communities in their respective fields.

You can download the most recent version of the Annual Report here.

All Publications

EU Cyber Policy Workshop Report

Future directions in EU cyber security: implications for UK policy and strategy RISCS held an online policy workshop on 13th January 2022 with 30 participants from Government and academia as part of the our International Dimensions theme led by Fellow Dr Tim Stevens....

RISCS Cybercrime Theme – Policy Workshop Report

Improving the UK's Resilience to Ransomware RISCS held an online policy workshop on 2nd December 2021 with 33 participants from Government, academia, and the wider community as part of the RISCS Cybercrime theme led by Dr Maria Bada. The aim of this workshop was to...

New edition of the RISCS Project Catalogue

We are pleased to share with you the December 2021 version of the RISCS Project Catalogue, as well as the accompanying Catalogue Annexe, consisting of a list of publications resulting from the listed projects. The RISCS project catalogue is intended to be a succinct...

RISCS Anticipation and Futures Literacy – Policy Workshop Report

RISCS held an online policy workshop on 14th July 2021 with 20 participants from Government, academia, and the wider community as part of the RISCS Anticipation theme led by Fellow Professor Genevieve Liveley. The aim of this session was to generate ideas for the...

New publication: Remote Working and (In)Security

We are pleased to release a new RISCS briefing exploring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cyber security of organisations, created as part of the RISCS Fellowship in Leadership and Culture. Remote Working and (In)SecurityDownload Already in March 2020, it was...

New RISCS Briefing: Online Victimisation

The impact on victims and implications for cybercrime prevention and response As part of her RISCS Fellowship in Cybercrime, Dr Maria Bada has taken particular interest in the impact of online crime on victims, and how such impact differs from that felt by victims of...

RISCS Annual Report and Project Catalogue

We are delighted to share the newest RISCS Annual Report and Project Catalogue. You can access the files here:   RISCS Annual Report 2021Download RISCS Project Catalogue March 2022 (PDF) RISCS Project Catalogue December 2021 (web-based accessible version) RISCS...

Remote Working and Cyber Security – Literature Review

While various research strands have started exploring the impact of remote working on employees’ mental health and productivity, there is little insight on how approaches to cyber risk and resilience have been impacted through the shift. Our research objectives focus...

Cyber Insurance and Risk Management: Challenges and Opportunities

UCL gates in March 2020 A new playground for underwriters? Corporate boards the world over are scrambling to address the unique challenges of the COVID-19 global pandemic – particularly the impact of social distancing. In addition to the obvious problems this causes...

Talking about Security with Professional Developers

Tamara Lopez, Helen Sharp, Thein Tun, Arosha Bandara (School of Computing & Communications, The Open University) and Mark Levine (Department of Psychology, University of Exeter) and Bashar Nuseibeh (Lero – The Irish Software Research Centre, University of Limerick).

RISCS Annual Report 2016

The RISCS Annual Report 2016 was released at the UK Cyber Security Research Institutes Conference in October 2016, and is available to download.

RISCS Annual Report 2017

The RISCS Annual Report 2017 was released at the UK Cyber Security Research Institutes Conference in October 2017, and is available to download here (opens PDF)

RISCS Annual Report 2018

The 2018 RISCS Annual Report was released at the UK Cyber Security Research Institutes Conference in October 2018, and is available to download here (opens PDF).

RISCS Annual Report 2019

We are delighted to present the 2019 RISCS Annual Report. The Report brings you progress updates of the RISCS projects, informs of recent changes at RISCS and shares our plans for 2020. Download the report here.