While various research strands have started exploring the impact of remote working on employees’ mental health and productivity, there is little insight on how approaches to cyber risk and resilience have been impacted through the shift.

Our research objectives focus on how organisations adjusted to remote working in terms of cyber risk management strategies, how organisations maintain a positive security culture through remote working, how leaders are able to support colleagues in terms of wellbeing, and whether this has an visible impact on cyber security behaviors. 

Berta Pappenheim, RISCS Fellow in Leadership & Culture

We are pleased to share with you a new RISCS publication: a literature review focusing on the impacts of Remote Working on Cyber Security. Berta Pappenheim, RISCS Fellow in Leadership & Culture, has worked with an interdisciplinary team to scrutinise this red-hot topic over the past weeks and they are thrilled to now disclose their findings to you.

You can access the full Literature Review here.