Every once in a while, it’s good (and necessary) to take a moment and reflect – take account of the work one has done, and the achievements it has led to.

2020 certainly has been quite a year to reflect upon – putting new obstacles in our way again and again, and demanding more of us than we ourselves, at times, thought possible. For us, despite the ever-changing challenges, 2020 has been a time of many positive changes: from numerous research projects we funded and supported, through the onboarding of the first cohort of the RISCS Fellows, to a complete rebranding and major restructuring of our policy engagement.

Today, the RISCS Community is stronger than it has ever been. And we don’t plan on stopping here. It so happens that March 2021 is also when our current funding comes to an end. For this reason, we want to take this opportunity to stop and think about what we have achieved – not only recently, but also in the past 8 years we have now been around for.

As we plan for the future, further questions arise. Who are we? What role do we want to play in the cybersecurity community in the years to come? Rest assured that we are hard at work finding the best answers to these somewhat existential dilemmas.

For now, let’s focus on enjoying this moment of reflection we’ve talked about from the very first line. A moment which we would like to hereby invite all of you – our beloved Community – to share with us.

The registration for the RISCS Showcase is now openmake sure to secure your free ticket soon, as our capacity is limited due to technicalities inherent to online events.

We hope to see you all there.