It is our pleasure to invite you to sign up for our upcoming RISCS Community Workshop titled ‘Quantification of Cyber Risk – Optimizing data use’, which will take place on the 2nd March 2022, between 10:00 – 12:00 GMT.

Please register for the event here.

This workshop will bring together academics, practitioners and policy makers to explore findings from the first year of the RISCS Quantification and Cyber Risk theme led by RISCS Fellow Dr Anna Cartwright.

In our initial workshop in July 2021 we identified a set of priority policy questions that could be investigated with existing UK Government survey data and launched the RISCS Prize competition for PhD students and early career researchers. The competition involved using the data sets identified to address one of the policy questions set out in the workshop:

  • What behaviours/policies/processes have the biggest impact on improving an organization’s cyber security as measured by likelihood and impact of breaches and attacks?
  • Has Cyber Essentials worked? What gaps do organizations with Cyber Essentials have? Are organizations with Cyber Essentials less likely to be attacked? Has take up of Cyber Essentials increased?
  • What can we demonstrate about the cumulative impact of UK government’s interventions on the state of organization’s cyber security? Does impact differ by sector or by size of organisation?
  • How can organizations use data like that found in the Cyber Security Breaches Survey to inform what do they do next?
  • How can we demonstrate the overall cyber risk level to the UK economy? What is the evidence base that this is a serious threat to UK industry?
  • Where do organizations (SMEs) turn to for advice? Are SMEs taking up appropriate cyber security services?

This workshop will bring together academics, practitioners and policy makers to interrogate research findings on the set of policy questions and help to inform the cyber-security debate. Confirmed speakers include Danushi Peiris (DCMS), Daniel Woods (University of Innsbruck), Christian Kemp (Anglia Ruskin University) and Barry Sheehan (University of Limerick). We will also hear presentations from our RISCS Prize Competition winners.

We look forward to seeing you to the workshop!

All participants are welcome. If you have any accessibility requirements please let us know in the registration process.